We have hands on competence and know how, at executive board level, in crises situations and business recovery. Our consultants have experience ranging from the collapse of the associated banks in the United Kingdom, to the challenges of imported economic ideology in a number of African countries leading to the cancellation of property rights and the imposition of interest rates in excess of 100%, even to the demise of currencies. The current crises of anticipation and entitlement and loss of skills is not new and needs to be engaged with care. Emphasis is on business recovery and turnarounds while leveraging off any existing base. Arrangements are available to benefit tax and trading advantages from special operating structures.

To buy low, sell high, collect early and pay late is no longer enough in today’s environment, but it is a start.

In this world the optimists have it, not because they are always right, but because they are positive. Even when they are wrong, they are positive, and that is the way of achievement, correction, improvement and success.
David Landes